The United States of America can offer enormously arresting and pathbreaking sights for intrepid travellers. After all, fifty plus states are about enough to capture the attention of the hungriest of travellers. Still, a lot of the stuff that dominates news headlines and attains traction concerns itself with places like New York, Los Angeles and the likes.

Don’t believe this. Let it be asked, when was the last time you heard something hugely interesting from a Wyoming? Although incessantly popular for being home to the hugely visited Yellow National Park, is there anything else from the wild state that garnered your attention? Wait, there’s no reason for despair. There’s something rather unbelievable.

What if you learned that Wyoming was home to pyramids? Would you believe that? Who doesn’t want to travel to embrace something from the past? Ask any travel blogger in the US today and chances are, nine on ten would’ve already made a visit to a brilliant piece of amazing architecture that stands between Cheyenne and Laramie in the state marked by picturesque rocky mountains.

Believe it or not- there’s a pyramids monument that’s been specifically constructed for everyone’s attention and fancy and has the backing of the University of Wyoming Art Museum. This is no ordinary news and has perhaps more power than any of Trump’s recent rhetorics. The famous Ames monument is the proper name of Wyoming’s pyramid that is a huge public attraction. So, it ought to be said, even as the current regal structure- the Ames monument- isn’t a huge in size as the Pyramids of Egypt, it’s one of the more popular spots in a state no stranger to natural sights and marked with abundance of nature’s beauty.

Wyoming Public Media

What matters more than anything in regards to Wyoming’s pyramids is the reason for which the great symbol of national heritage stands where it does today? It’s believed that it’s a mark of respect of two American brothers- Oakes Ames and Oliver Ames- who were instrumental in the construction and design of the US’ first ever Transcontinental Railroad. The two brothers, hailed from Massachusetts and the pyramids mark a respect to their effort. And hence, the name of the structure is Ames monument. Although, it is important to know who the chief architect of this incredibly popular location in Wyoming was. Henry Hobson Richardson.

The best time to visit Wyoming- it is said- is during May to October and whether one’s a US local or an overseas visitor- purely from a touristic purpose, it’s highly recommended to take a road trip to the three states of Wyoming, Colorado and, Idaho. Being amidst rocky mountains and freshwater lakes and that tranquil silence- there are certain things which the royal luxuries of being in New York or Los Angeles can not fetch.

So the question is- when are you hitting the road to the US and making time to visit southeastern Albany county, Wyoming?

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