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About Tim Cook?

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According to Forbes, Tim Cook is now one of the most influential people in the world. This is not because of his assets of 650 Million US Dollars, which he has already planned to donate after his death but rather because he heads Apple, one of the world’s leading technology companies.

Tim Cook is well aware of the responsibility involved. After all, the Apple CEO also felt responsible for publicly announcing that he was gay stating that he was not only proud to be gay, but that this was one of God’s greatest gifts for him.

This salary is earned by Tim Cook as Apple CEO

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It is clear that he does not work at Apple because of the money. After all, in the course of his career, while he was with IBM, he was able to accumulate a decent fortune.

In 2018, the top manager still received a salary of $ 15.7 million. Therefore, the loss of salary he had to endure in 2019 should not have hit him too hard. His salary was $ 11.6 million in 2019. That’s because Apple executives’ pay depends on their performance.

The base salary is around $ 3 million a year, the rest is earned through bonuses. The better the company performs, the more Tim Cook earns.

Salary of Tim Cook

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2015: $ 10.28 million
2016: $ 8.7 million
2017: $ 12.8 million
2018: $ 15.7 million
2019: $ 11.6 million

Lucrative stock options – Tim Cook Net Worth

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In addition to the salary, Tim Cook has also received lucrative stock options from Apple. According to the contract signed in 2011, he received a package of 560,000 shares in August 2017.

280,000 of them because the goal to return to the top third of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index list was achieved and another 280,000 shares because he is still CEO.

In August 2017, the manager sold 291,000 shares, raising $ 46.4 million. Overall, in the 10-year deal, he still has the opportunity to receive another 2.94 million shares, which will probably be worth around half a billion US dollars.

Tim Cook is a Special Person

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It is quite astonishing that a simple boy from Mobile in Alabama, one of the poorer states of the United States, would one day become Apple CEO. But otherwise, Tim Cook is a really special person.

In 2009, he even offered a part of his liver to Steve Jobs, the late man at the helm of Apple, because both shared a very rare type of blood, but Jobs did not agree.

Tim Cook seems to trust his intuition in many of his decisions. He also emphasized this before graduating from Auburn University when he gave a speech there in 2010.

Tim Cook has been leading Apple since August 2011 and has since cleaned up the company from the inside. Steve Jobs still tolerated people with a rather difficult personality but the new CEO wanted to create more harmony, therefore he consistently sorted out these employees.

His values are extremely important to him and it was again shown in February 2014. At that time, Tim Cook even publicly encouraged investors to sell their Apple shares if their thinking did not match Apple’s climate change vision.

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In an interview with Forbes in March 2015, Cook publicly announced that he wanted to donate his fortune in the future. Since Tim Cook took over Apple’s leadership, the group has been doing even more for a good cause.

Tim Cook lives a very private life

Apple CEO Tim Cook

In addition, the CEO is known for working very hard and has often been seen sending emails from his office at 4:30 a.m. His work is more than anything for him.

At the same time, Tim Cook is a very private person who likes to be alone and doesn’t reveal much about his private life. Even though the fitness enthusiast could exercise on the Apple campus in California, he deliberately does not do it.

He has registered with another gym to protect his privacy. At least so far he seems to have succeeded very well.

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