We are living in interesting times indeed. These are reminiscent of George Orwell’s greatest work of all time- 1984.

The pigs symbolise the morons who can be the political zealots or whip-masters running countries down the line. Anyhow, the most interesting headline-material, it could be said, is the Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un talk.

These weren’t peace talks alright. These weren’t talks deciding who nukes the other first. These were, about bringing the wave of indifference between the USA and North Korea to a halt of some sort, only so, peace and amicability could pervade the hitherto-tense relations.

Now, while it need not be discussed that what sort of a moron the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un really is, what’s strange is to note the rather sudden change of heart the man has undergone.

No more are there tensions and panic attacks in the Korean peninsula. No more does the thorough gentleman of a president- Mr Moon- of South Korea wonder about South Korea being disrupted.

The most talked-about photograph of 2018 has already bee the sight of a warm handshake between two men of opposing natures and contrasting personalities. On the one hand was a rather sedate forward-looking man, the head of the state of a country responsible for producing one of the world’s finest brands (Samsung, but of course) and on the other, a man-child, an unholy zygote call it if you like in the form of King Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un
Daily Mail

But only on this occasion was there no talk of opening the nuclear warheads for a change as the two met a month and a half back to renew what was waning, worn-out ties between North and South Korea.

That said, a further shift in the paradigm would result in the keenly-anticipated meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un. A few hours ago, President Donald Trump went as far as saluting the gesture of North Korea, as it returned the remains of as many as 55 American nationals who are believed to have perished under the Korean war, way back in time.

This, unprecedented move has indeed left everyone flummoxed for quite simply none saw that coming. Not Donald Trump in the least. As the remains of those that had perished fighting the Korean war reached the US soil, they were greeted by Mike Pence who affirmed the faith that all was well between North Korea and the USA.

In an emotional ceremony that was convened at Hawaii, a few shed tears, a few finally breathed a sigh of relief at America receiving what was left of its brave sons, the decades of torment and calamity with the dictatorial state behind it.

Popular news outlet Daily Mail covered the following developments in lines with the said news:

Each of the 55 containers was accompanied by one Marine, one sailor, one soldier and one airman. They set them gently on risers lined up inside the hangar as Pence stood alongside Admiral Phil Davidson, commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command.

Trump, a familiar sight on Twitter took the famous micro-blogging platform and shared, “Incredibly beautiful ceremony as U.S. Korean War remains are returned to American soil. Thank you to Honolulu and all of our great Military participants on a job well done. A special thanks to Vice President Mike Pence on delivering a truly magnificent tribute.”

To that end, it’s a feat that is worth applauding and a moment, worth appreciating. Even those who disregard the current US President cannot deny the fact that the relations between USA and Kim Jong-un haven’t been as normal as what they are at present. It’s a rare sight that didn’t transpire when Trump’s famous and more regarded predecessor Obama was in the office at the White House.

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