Watching him box the life out of his competitors, in the words of Gideon Haigh, famous Australian-English writer, was an ennobling experience. But if you were to actually see the eye-widening beauty of Muhammad Ali’s estate, it would transfix you endlessly. Make no mistake, this is no overvaluation or over-estimation of the grand former estate of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Spread over a sprawling 80-acre- imagine the sheer area size- Muhammad Ali’s cave of opulence- how else would you put it- has been put on sale and believe it or not, for a massive $2.9 million.

Where most celebrities have posh duplexes and some dump sandbagging, preferring to indulge in grander lifestyles, buying beach-houses, Muhammad Ali bought instead a massive 80-acre property in Berrien Springs, at Michigan.

Loaded with luxury for the lack of a better word, Ali’s premier property had all the trappings of the modern world, including pretty much everything that an iconic sportsman and a legend of Ali’s stature would need. Among the myriad features of the modern luxury estate, the Berrien Springs-based estate included a river, a pond, two homes, a boxing court as well as an entire paraphernalia of modern sporting equipment.

It is believed that back in the year 1975, Muhammad Ali’s family had acquired the said property which would be later, redesigned, galvanised by the scintillating boxing champion who transformed it into an abode of rear luxury. When the extremities of fame began getting the better of the champion boxer, he would begin retreating at his Michigan dream home to seek refuge and dwell in the tranquil atmosphere.

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But the posh, serene environs of his ecstatic home estate left far behind, Ali’s great estate has been put up on sale. And the premier estate has been put up on a price of approximately $2.9 million.

An implicit feature of the gigantic American estate is a steam room, including a separate sauna and shower area, followed by a basketball court, among other sporting facilities, besides a full-sized boxing ring. Of course, it’s hard to imagine an estate belonging to the great Ali minus a boxing ring- the love of his life and something that could be called his second permanent home.

Also part of the sprawling Michigan property is a spacious conference room with its own private bathroom area, overlooking the surrounding greens. It is believed that Ali used this home frequently including residing here repeatedly during the latter stages of his life. When he was undergoing treatment for his eventually fatal Parkinson’s condition, the property would offer much-needed solace for coping in those difficult times.

The legend Muhammad Ali both lived and boxed in one of the homes at Michigan, which his family reportedly bought in 1975, 10 years before he was diagnosed with the Parkinson’s disease.

Interestingly, once the place was known as the ‘Louisville Lip’ for his brashness, Ali used the home in his later years to escape the dramatic onslaught of fame. A tranquil man-made rock garden included a beautiful waterfall as well a beautiful swimming pool. For all intents and purposes, this was no ordinary luxury-escape. It was loaded with considerable trappings that would make many a brow raised with agony and envy. Throughout the luxury property, various memorabilia associated with Ali’s memorable career have been decked in respect of the great king of boxing.

And that is not all. According to a leading real estate agent in the area, the estate previously belonged to one of Al Capone’s lieutenant bodyguards, Louis Campagna. In fact, Capone himself lived down the river once, back in time. It’s believed that the estate is so large in size that for hosting usual ceremonies- whether private or public- one could easily organize (and host) at least 500 individuals.

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