The Central Intelligence Agency is entrusted with the task of engaging in intelligence gathering, collecting data from within and, creating action-plans and strategies to the effect of countering forces that pose a direct threat to America’s safety. It is, for the lack of a better word, a Titanic force in the world of espionage and intel-gathering. Yet, very often, the CIA is doubted and touted in equal measure of engaging in acts that subvert values like an individual’s personal freedom and posing a direct threat at human rights and civil liberties.

Ever since in the aftermath of the water-boarding scandal, the CIA has been hounded by the critics for openly engaging in what was branded as a ‘vile’, ‘derogatory’ culture of ‘torturing’ America’s enemies and those that were held in captivity on account of suspicious involvements in disparaging, vitriolic acts.

But does that mean that all that the CIA does is wrong? Certainly not. After all, it is the mega protector of the United States’ security and would often stop at nothing in protecting and forwarding the state of security of the world’s strongest power. In an age where diatribes and vehement criticism of one’s views, beliefs, foreign policies and political formulas are often an everyday affair on social media, it isn’t too hard to come across some criticism of the American administration and ruling party on communication platforms like Twitter.

This isn’t too hard to fathom especially because we are in – Donald Trump’s age. So vehement and scathing has been the criticism extended to Donald Trump that his ruling over America is considered a regime. The President joked about and subjected to (constantly burgeoning climate of) criticism regarding some strange measures that he’s taken reduces affairs, every now and again, into being a Trump versus others scenario.

What’s most common among the string of apathies that Trump holds a passionate view of is his views on immigration, having already insulted the likes of the indigenous communities on national television. We all know where the President stands on immigration policies in the United States. So when a former CIA Director took to Twitter to perhaps express his perspective and what he personally thought was Trump actually doing- there was, well a simple aftermath of his action.

The former CIA Director, General Michael Hayden was simply snubbed and cast aside in oblivion in lieu of his scathing criticism of President Trump’s standing on the immigrants. Here’s what General Michael Hayden had shared. His views on America’s immigration policy as being one that has zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants in being similar to the views that the Nazis had of the Jews during the tumultuous affairs of the Second World War have met with scathing criticism.

The world, during one of the worst events ever during the Second World War saw the wrath of the Germans falling upon the Jews- innocent lives that mattered so much but were simply castrated away from peace and normality. This was one of the worst events that ever happened on the face of the earth.

In seeing no other way to view the current American establishment’s Zero Tolerance policy, the former CIA Director feels that these actions have led to so many young, innocent children being cut away from their mothers; the same way where one was separated for good during the ill-fated transportation of harmless, innocent Jewish children from their parents on way to the gas chambers.

Here’s what has contributed to the ongoing consternation: From the tweets of the former CIA director, it is not entirely clear where the General stands on Trump’s immigration policy, which has seen thousands of children separated from their parents.

The administration has brought in a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, that sees everyone who tries to enter the US illegally prosecuted. Because the children are not charged with a crime, they are not able to be detained with their parents. But whether, the gentleman is right in his views on the Trump Administration or not, is certainly upon the polarizing views that the Tweet has generated.

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