When you study, you have only one aim- which is to do well and do the best with the resources and time at your disposal. From a students’ point of view, it’s just too precious not to be making the most of one’s time in the college or in any masters or a higher learning program.

Isn’t it?

And from the parents’ point of view, it is but vital to ensure that one’s ward does the best possible on the academic front. There’s this unexpressed, unworded anxiety so to speak that keeps the student and therefore, his parent, on the toes.

And that said, this is not to mention the finances that are required for a young life to fulfill the dreams. Right? Who doesn’t want the best education for one’s ward and who does actually get away with the best with hardly any funds pumped in?

Therefore, a dominant truth of our times is that to be able to afford oneself a nice education, which, well is no easy task- there’s a plethora of money needed, particularly if one wishes to realize academic goals in a premier or well-reputed institute of learning. And the way normal household expenses are going, particularly in developing nations, who’s to know what time may bring?

From that standpoint, what do you think might have been the feeling of those parents whose children- all 129-of them got wrongly admitted into a fake US University?

Interestingly, a piece of news that appears like a damp squib- for quite frankly, there’s no other way of putting it- has a major scam having broken out concerning a fake US university. And India is grieving as a result of this!

Do not take educational institutes for granted, you may be coaxed into believing once you read this whole darn issue.

So what’s all this about and who really is at fault?

Apparently, the whole issue has risen to such an extent that India has even considered a diplomatic channel to solve the complex riddle. As many as 129 Indian students had been earlier arrested for having enrolled in what turned out to be a fake US university- did you know?

The University of Farmington, the main culprit in this case, was advertised as being based in the state of Michigan and here’s the main thing that might warrant some stunning attention on your part.

This particular university was actually being run covertly by undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security for one purpose and one purpose alone. Can you take a guess?

This was being done in order to expose the ‘pay to stay immigration’ fraud.The prosecutors involved in this case shared that those enrolled in this university, ‘knew’ that the facility was illegal.

But that’s the American side of things. What about India, one wonders?

Well, it’s simple. There is a reason to believe that the Indian students did this deliberately and therefore.

On the other side of the table, it’s being believed that the students got duped. The Ministry of External Afffairs shared the following:

“Our concern over the dignity and wellbeing of the detained students and the need for immediate consular access for Indian officials to the detainees was reiterated,” the ministry said.”

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