It’s called the ‘Big Apple.’ And, of course, there’s a little surprise or shock value in that too. Isn’t it?

After all, New York is the den of new surprises; a treasure trove of good experiences. The land where the Empire States Building stands may soon now unveil a creature that belongs to a species that may have been of that daunting height.

Are you confused? Well, let’s dispense with the suspense and stop rhyming, for a change, shall we?

Apparently, a leading museum that was bound to feature a surprise species of Dinosaur, has reportedly got delayed. What’s the exact launch or opening date of the highly-debated dinosaur is still subject to speculations, an endless round of which have already begun.

In an age of social media overload, can it ever be possible to stop thinking and rather, resort to pragmatism? Well, perhaps all of us here know the answer. Maybe, it’s fair to contend with a resounding ‘no’ for this one.

The social media space is full of talks about what might this new mysterious species of dinosaur be?

Apparently the new unveiling or launch date for showing enthusiastic Smithsonian’ what’s being called “The Nation’s T.Rex”, is causing a lot of clamour and debate in New York, at this point in time. And here’s what is causing the delay.

Well, thus far, it’s been confirmed that the New York Museum of Natural History is all set to have a brand new hall, the construction and completion of which is taking this time that’s led to the delay.

Having said that, one can imagine that adoring fans of the famous Jurassic Park film-franchise may surely be devoid of any grins and might be clenching their fists in sheer excitement and nervousness about what seems to be a promising new development on the horizon.

What has led to the emerging discussion about the new species of dinosaur is that it primarily looks like and seems similar to the famous Triceratops; had two horns over its eyes. This is when it got mysteriously swept away around 66-70 million years ago- can you take a stock of this magnitude of time? Isn’t that simply overwhelming?

Popular Indian news outlet NDTV published certain details about this curiously engaging story from New York’s Museum of Natural History and shared the following:

Here are the details about this dinosaur: It is not actually a whole dinosaur for starters. Do not get confused; this seems to be among the smallest-sized reptiles that ever walked the planet. Its height, reportedly, was just a six-foot-long skull. The rest of its body parts were probably carried off by ancient scavengers or swept away by the elements during the 66-68 million years between its death and its discovery in Niobrara County, Wyo., in 1891.

Probably, in the month of June 2019 can the New York Museum of Natural History be expected to make public a spectacle that’s already received a lot of curiosity and sent several minds into a spin. Till then, hold on!

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