Aldous Huxley wrote the great literary landmark in the sphere of mind-expanding drugs. It’s called the Doors of Perception. The book pithily deals with subjects in life that are often so sensitive and carry a taboo that one can be really surprised how can such a ‘dangerous’ topic have been made into a page-turner?

So impressive was the book even according to former American songwriter, singer, and frontman of the illustrious band ‘The Doors’, Jim Morrison that he chose that as his inspiration to name the band right in the beginning. Morrison is known to have famously said, “There are things known. There are things unknown. And in between are the doors.”

But having said that, one understands a pretty simple perspective that it’s just not now, i.e., contemporary times that one gets to hear of all the mindless ferocity with which some among us take to drugs and often, fall victim to their hounding obsession. Drugs have been wreaking havoc for the longest possible time.

To that extent, it may not be incorrect to suggest that one of the most polarizing subjects of mankind’s existence here on earth is the element of drugs; whether recreational or hard-core addictive elements. One can call this subject a bit polarizing because no other element of consumption driven by a certain penchant has attracted the attention of as many as it has left hundreds and thousands ruined, making them feel despised at this habit- hollow or shallow that it may be.

In fact, move over weed or marijuana, weed, cocaine, and ecstasy. There seems to have arrived a drug in the west which is being considered the worst thing ever to have happened to the junkies and those who’ve willingly pushed their lives under the carpet in front of the highly insular-kind of addiction it entails.

Having said that, do you have any clue as to what might this exceedingly dangerous drug really be?

The time for guesswork wasn’t there. And as Jim Morrison once sang, “There’s no time to wallow in the mire.”

Fentanyl is now officially the drug that has pushed the chair from underneath one’s seating to an extent that when does one find himself or herself lost into it completely isn’t exactly the greatest puzzle to solve. At this point in time, Fentanyl is not only addictive, but it is also among the worse things ever for the body or organs.

Now the above told, what’s really surprising for America is that where the previous year stood, there was a spike in the number of the cases of drug overdose.

It is amid this background that Fentanyl has become the deadliest drug in the entirety of the USA.

In fact, so utterly addictive is Fentanyl in its rapid takeover of America that many are currently regarding it to be a decimator of the great United States of India.

In case, one was really curious to find out just how deadly or strong the aforementioned drug is then perhaps saying that Fentanyl is around 100 times stronger than heroin might provide an answer.

Popular British tabloid- Daily Mail- also shared in a sperate news item about the vicious habit of consuming Fentanyl. They just published the following:

But fentanyl is so potent (two milligrams is lethal), mysterious (most dealers aren’t sure the strength of their product), ubiquitous (it’s cut into everything), and impossible to detect that it is much more lethal.

In fact, if you were to simply take some cognizance of a straight line about this drug, you would only get shocked and shattered by what you’d read.

Where the most number of cases of drug overdose are concerned (in America), then in the most number of deaths occur because of Fentanyl being among the multiple drugs that one consumed or snorted.

One needs to understand the dominant discourses of our time. They definitely concern violent drug abuse in most cases.

Fentanyl, meanwhile, is entirely lab-made. It can be produced year-round at a much cheaper rate – and it’s 40 times stronger. Now one can only imagine how might the condition of a first timer be, someone who’s about to fall much deeper into the clutches of mind-expanding or health-rottening drugs?

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