In an age where there are so much conspiracy theories everywhere, it’s hardly a surprise to know that there are multiple conspiracy theories regarding 9/11.

An event so catastrophic in nature that even today, a decade and a half after its occurrence, the cacophony and tragedy surrounding the episode reverberate around the world- can the world stop debating the multiple possibilities behind which the event occurred?

Perhaps not. Maybe, there’s no certainty about that ever in the future. But what is certain and definite is that conspiracy theorists, even today, come out with weird possibilities that may have birthed modern American history’s most upsetting and fatal event.

Recently, noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, renowned for being a fierce opponent of multiple foreign policy decisions of the American government and a passionate critic of the fallacies surrounding the American state came out with a podcast. This wasn’t any ordinary podcast; it was based on 9/11, about the events and factors that led to it and shattered the world around it and that connected to its periphery.

Alex Jones passionately argued for the cause that 9/11 was a staged and fully-orchestrated event. That said, there’s hardly a surprise that a notorious American figure suggested something that may have seemed ‘outrageous’ in its claim. That’s mainly because there are so many political theorists, critics, writers and even historians that have also levelled the same accusation with regards to the event.

In fact, given Alex Jones’ podcast irked people to such an extent that Apple, among the world’s famous brands that broadcasted the same on its iTunes, decided to remove the same.

To his opposition, the classicists argue that Alex Jones’ Infowars is actually a right-wing media platform that is polarised to the views that the American liberals share.

Now that it has staged a broad claim, perhaps argued poorly and more of a vicious attack below the belt, Alex Jones’ podcast has found itself staring at the exit door of the Apple iTunes platform and may not return any time in the future.

That said, there is hardly a surprise that the said podcast has been removed by Apple. The stringent measure has come at a time where several websites and social media platforms have castrated Alex Jones permanently. That said, among the sites that have banned the ‘Infowars’ is Facebook.

Facebook’s several pages and groups have banned Alex Jones who’s been sidelined for his voracious critique against the American establishment at that time under whose nose the most destructive event occurred.

An Apple spokesperson was not available for comment early on Monday.

Among the podcasts of Alex Jones that were banned, as many as 5 online programs out of 6 have been banned and done away with. Perhaps, in Alex Jones’ so-called journalism career, there hasn’t been such severe criticism as what one is witnessing right now.

Ever since Infowars came into existence in 1999, it has garnered an extensive following. This is a rude shock to the otherwise popular platform run by Alex Jones.

A news update published on NDTV recently shared the following in regards with the banning of the 9/11 Podcast, the following has transpired:

“We take reports of hate content seriously and review any podcast episode or song that is flagged by our community,” a spokesperson said late on Sunday.

“Spotify can confirm it has removed specific episodes of ‘The Alex Jones Show’ podcast for violating our hate content policy,” the spokesperson said.

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