Travelling might actually be the one thing that even the most dreaded or distressed people would get excited about. Don’t you think? If you are lonely and down and depressed, knowing not what to do then the simple idea of packing your bags and leaving for a mini solo trip might just the cure that your lonesome heart might need. So consider what would become of the trip if you were to explore Europe?

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With its expansive, centuries-old history, a rich pool of culture and wonderments in culinary culture and rich heritage, can there ever be a weird or dull day in Europe? Well, if you and I were to answer then surely no. But according to some Americans, there indeed are some very weird things in Europe.



First up, a big bad jolt. Amsterdam? Come on, how on earth could anyone call this a weird place. Actually what some Americans found weird about Amsterdam weren’t its legal brothels or tulips or anything of that sort. In fact, the sheer number of bicycles used by locals , that too without any helmets and parked at different corners of the city were slightly perplexing to Americans.

Lack of insects

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Yeah, would you believe it? That there aren’t any bugs or insects or something of that regard was found rather weird if some Americans are to be believed. A distinct lack of a particular type of an animal- insects- in case of the UK came across as a big surprise to some Americans.

Pubs inside historic buildings or remnants from a Medieval age

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In the United States, pubbing and drinking is common culture. It’s part of more like an everyday lingo. So is in Europe. But the fact that in case of the former, either big, plush complexes or sedate, laidback sites make up for most pubs, while in Europe the very existence of pubs and restaurants is actually inside really old buildings made most Americans feel weird.

Emptiness in Spain and Italy

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The New York Times

Most Americans found the feeling of eating dinner in restaurants that seemed rather empty or isolated especially during times like 10 or 11 PM rather weird. Back in the United States, the atmosphere is rather buzzing on any given day. But here in Europe, there was a sedateness or quaintness, whatever it is you might want to call it, which defined most restaurants that were visited in Italy and Spain.

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