Not a single day has gone down well in North Korea over the course of the past several decades. The self-styled autocratic regime being ruled by a tyrannical leader, has for the longest time, been a despicable figure for its neighbours. Peace and the Korean peninsula- the mere mention of the polarised aspects couldn’t ever be read and written in the same sentence. And that said, it’s not too hard to understand why- specifically from the point of view of other regions in the West.

What was perceived to be a big threat, North Korea being a nuclear capable region, has perhaps been assuaged a bit by North Korea itself. Over the last few days, a strange weather of peace has descended upon North Korea and that in the Korean peninsula. With South Korea and North Korea meeting for the very first time after decades of dissonance, the tide, it was expected would come in for a change. And there’s reason to believe it has.

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At least on paper, there’s no more any disharmony between the two and it made for quite a shutterbug obsessive moment when the two leaders on the opposite side of the demilitarised zone- North Korea with Kim Jong-un and President Moon on South Korea’s side walked hand in hand. But there’s a concerning still seething with indifference on the back-burner. It doesn’t seem a decision has been taken to resolve the matter at least as of yet.

What about the American detainees who, for the longest time, have been in North Korea’s custody? When can one expect them to be freed? Some time back in the day, three Americans had been held captive by North Korea. The trio- all males- have for now been moved to a peaceful hotel in Pyongyang, in the capital city of North Korea. For now, they have been given food and being well fed, as per reports. But whether their fate will be decided within this month or in the next, we don’t know for sure. But that is not all.

It is being said that the three Americans might be released as a gesture of goodwill. While that is the reaction from the side of Korea, what might be the United States’ stand? Mr. Trump feels that the country is fighting very diligently for the trio’s freedom.

In fact, there is proof to be upbeat about the fate of the three Americans. As President shared that the readers should be updated about a possible forthcoming news in the course of future. In an interaction with the media, Donald Trump is said to have shared, “As everybody is aware, the past Administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a North Korean Labor camp, but to no avail,” he said.

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All that said, why, one would like to know, were the three Americans jailed? There is reason to believe-according to North Korea- that they were involved in violent activities in North Korea. This might be even a suspicion, it is dreaded. Whether the three were involved in a set of violent activities, one cannot state with confidence. But nonetheless, it resulted in the capture of three men who have been in North Korea’s captivity for a period of over 3 years. One among them, a certain Kim-Hak Sang worked at the University of Pyongyang. The other- Kim Sang-duk was arrested on account of suspicion for being involved with espionage. The third American- a South Korea born Kim Dong-chul had been kept in detention since 2015. He is also said to have been part of a spying operation inside the North Korean regime, believed to have been placed by the US.

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