Zayn Malik is one of those rare South Asian breeds that have gone on to achieve a cult following around themselves in the west. Especially among young girls who are considered to be the biggest target of any male celebrity or a band for top-level success in the market. While a majority of the credit goes to him not being raised in this part of the world and one direction, it indeed is amazing to catch someone admiring the culture that they belong, even when they haven’t been a part of it, always.

However, every now and then Zayn comes out and expresses his love for all South-Asian things like samosas, Indian food and Shah Rukh Khan. Something similar happened recently when he posted a Zayn Malik singing Teri Deewani video on his Instagram. The song which has originally been sung by Kailash Kher is one of those rare love ballads that continues to swoon millions of people.

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Zayn decided to not take the usual lyrical note journey with his cover of the song and added a bit changes in it. And, while not all of them are great, Zayn Malik fans (especially South Asian) can’t help but fall in love with it.

The former One Direction member can at least be appreciated on his improved diction and pronunciation of Hindi words from the song. Check out the video of Zayn Malik singing Teri Deewani over here:

While some of the fans absolutely fell in love the cover.

Others instantly abhorred it and even went on to ask the necessity of ruining the song for them?

The video of Zayn Malik singing Teri Deewani got so viral that it even reached the original singer of the composition – Kailash Kher – too, who expressed his excitement over the cover. He even went out to give Zayn a proposition of jamming together. 

Interestingly, the news got big among the fans and because they loved it so much, Zayn decided to gift his fans another Kailash Kher’s popular track – Allah Ke Bande. Separated in two videos, Zayn definitely caught up with few glitches in the previous and got them right in this new video. This cover is certainly much better than the previous one, check it out here:

There was a huge difference in opinion among the fans reacting to Zayn Malik singing Teri Deewani, but the next cover of Allah Ke Bande is definitely where Zayn shines. 

Jyotsna Amla

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