Watch “We Are Not A Poor Country” To Realise The True Condition Of Our Country

Indians are sensitive, actually too sensitive at time, and we have a long history of being over-sensitive about things that don’t even matter that much. The recent example was the excruciating moment with Snapchat and its CEO. Apparently, in a court case, someone accused the Snapchat CEO of saying that India is a poor country, and he doesn’t wish to reach the markets of countries like India and Spain.

This was immediately made a huge issue by the people of our country, who then started uninstalling the app, as well as, gave some hilarious examples of how ‘India is not a poor country’.

Nadeem Raj recently did a poem, which is uploaded by UnErase Poetry, on this very statement and even named it, “We Are Not A Poor Country” because apparently, we have a handful of people like Ambani and Tata. The reality is that our country is poor, there are lakhs of people who still rush out for railway tracks and consider it their washrooms. There are many such instances, and the fact is that we need to know about them and admit them, rather than constantly denying them. Because the day we decide to admit our country’s true condition, is the day when we can actually do something for the betterment of it. Till then, we might just have to vent out our frustration on social media and talk about how badly our country is being maintained.

“We Are Not A Poor Country” – Nadeem Raj: Watch The Video Here:

23rd May 2017
Jyotsna Amla


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