Vaibhav Sethia’s Take On Vegetarians And Pilots Will Crack You Into Laughter!

Vaibhav Sethia strikes again with his another stand-up video and we can’t just stop watching it over and over. Because who doesn’t love to laugh out loud right? Well, we all have been either on the receiving side or the giving side of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian jokes but his take on Vegetarians and their struggles among their Non-vegetarian friends is epic.

Well, as if that wasn’t funny enough, he took a dig on Pilots and his comic timing perfectly fitted his narration to crack us up and laugh a little harder. His imagination is so creative that you will be amazed to listen to his jokes (Of course, while laughing). This video proves that Vaibhav clearly knows his game.

Vegetarians Bikers and Pilots: Watch The Video Here:

No offense dear Pilots but actually Vaibhav Sethia makes a hell lot of sense. It actually made me wonder why would anyone do such a boring job but yeah there is a reason the concept of free will exists.

Dear Vaibhav, from where do you get these bizarrely funny thoughts? BTW, We love them.

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