Politics is a tricky matter which requires a lot of knowledge, conviction and maturity to understand. One needs to know the art of not getting carried away with bullshit and believe everything that comes their way, only then can one truly know whom to believe and who plays make believe while speaking on a podium.

This bizarre kind of politics is not limited to just one country or landscape, it flowing and fleeing everywhere, actually it has been in existence for as long as people actually knew about the power that comes with it. One of the best TV series that shows the true and deceitful side of politics is ‘House Of Cards’, taking a much more Indian twist to it, Gorilla Shorts has presented – ‘House Of Farts’.

‘House Of Farts’ is basically an Indian depiction of the popular Netflix series, where Frank Underwood is being played by a Gaseous Manoj Pahwa, who is explaining the power of Gas in politics. You need to see it, in order to believe it. Politics, more like Indian Politics, couldn’t have been explained in a much better way along with including some bathroom humour for the masses who understand things better when explained in circles.

House Of Farts: Watch The Video Here:

source: Gorilla Shorts

30th May 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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