Today is Teacher’s day and for us grown-ups, it’s a relief that we are no longer answerable to them. Teacher’s Day brings out many memories but the most haunting one is of that one thick book of mathematics that kept us awake for many nights. R.D. Sharma, this one book was enough to scare us so bad that we even had nightmares about it. (Like having a school maths teacher along with chemistry and physics was not enough.)

Most of us have been tortured by this book and when I was studying it, I wished (many times) that if only I could meet this man and ask why!? Why us? Looks like TVF’s team also went from the same terrifying road and what we couldn’t do, they already did. They have made a video that features the character of RD Sharma and a reporter who was an average student.

Now, when the reporter interviews RD Sharma interesting turn of events takes place and you are going to laugh your brains out after watching this.

Watch TVF’s A Day with RD Sharma – Teacher’s Day Qtiyapa Here:

( Video Courtesy: TheViralFeverVideos )

I think that he may have been crazier than this but this one brings happiness on my face, you know why? Because finally I realised that I wasn’t alone in that torture and every student go through the same, so it’s like we all are in same ‘ I Hate RD Sharma Book’ group. (Except few geeks)

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5 Sep 2016
Avni S. Singh

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