Trekking is definitely the coolest and adventurous thing to do these days. It has almost become that must-do on everyone’s bucket list and no matter how many treks you’ve done, there’s always something new and unexplored for one to dream about. But there are few things about trekking that one should always be aware of, beforehand.

This is not about your basic wardrobe choice or food choices, or even the most asked question – where would one pee and poop? But in fact, with whom should you embark on this adventure.

Trekking is a long, tiring and invigorating process that requires one’s dedication and patience towards it. And, patience is the exact thing that Punjabi’s of this world lack. We have somehow transformed into these people who want everything to be done and dusted right after the second we uttered it. And, while our fellow Punjabi’s will agree to it, many don’t.

This is exactly where Comedian Nitin Mandal’s life’s tragedy enters.

In this video, Mandal talks about his trekking experience with his Punjabi girlfriend, who’s always excited in life. Mandal hilariously talks about how he found a mini-Punjab at the end of his Triund trek, and if you’ve ever been to a Triund trek then you’ll definitely agree with him.

Nitin Mandal: Trekking With Girlfriend: Watch The Video Over Here

All in all, this standup will make you rethink all about trekking plans with your Punjabi girlfriend or even friends.

Jyotsna Amla

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