In recent times poetry telling has carved its way into our hearts. Earlier it was limited to books and publications but thanks to the social media it has now found its place in almost everyone’s life. People who have the talent to pour their emotions into the words are infusing it with heartfelt narration, are presenting a new genre of poetry which is a blend of rhymes and storytelling. While we have many accomplished names doping the rounds, Jidnya Pandya a debutant in the genre have astounded us with her hard-hitting words.

Her poetry ‘One Less Lonely Night’ that she narrated for Spill Poetry, explains how we all have gone through a lot and want to share all of our agonizing or uplifting memories with someone. However, it doesn’t always have to be our lover, it can be anyone or all. The storytellers don’t only narrate a story, they also implant emotions and feelings behind every word. ‘One Less Lonely Night’ is a request that every heart deems for.

Here Is The Whole Poetry:

Aren’t we all want to just vent it out? We need to empty ourselves every now and then, however, we stuck in between somewhere looking for the perfect person instead of making this world our listener.
Jidnya, with her first attempt, sends out a strong message we all need to learn. 

Avni S. Singh

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