This Poem Is For Every Girl Who Is Fed Up From The Society That Is Sexualising Her

In Which I Resurrect Wonder Woman by Diksha Bijlani is a brilliant poem about how we tend to be scared about the wonders of our body. About how, while growing up, we hated it for all the negative and oppressive attention it caught. All of our lives, we girls have been told to suck it in and carefully decide what we want to wear.

It is not new for anyone that a woman’s clothes are the window to her character and soul. It is her short skirts and cut sleeves that decide who and what she wants to be, as well as what she really is. Bijlani’s slam poem is a strong monologue on everyday lives of women. In one part, she recited that her legs, waist and limbs would not squeeze into the society’s morals anymore. Because it has been like that for far too long to even be in existence anymore. One can enjoy her life with any costume that she chooses and no one does have the right to question her about this.

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(Video Source: Button Poetry)

The slam poet very beautifully carved a point about Wonder Woman and her confidence. As she said, let Superman know that Wonder Woman won’t hide it anymore, that she will fly high and not adjust the length of her skirt.

This specific line from ‘In Which I Resurrect Wonder Woman’ sums up the reality and this entire poem for us.

11th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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