T20 World Cup 2016 is already rolling and India is bleeding blue to support the team. The new fan anthem #PlayBold India launched by Royal Challenge Sports Drink is giving voice to the millions of Indian cricket fans to support and cry out loud #PlayBold ‘Mera India’. The anthem is apt to boost Team India and the excitement among the fans is infectious. Whole India is gearing up to see the Indian players playing bold to win the iconic title.

In the video, you will see Captain Cool M.S. Dhoni and unstoppable Virat Kohli among some fans. The fans are cheering to keep up their current brand of insanely fearless game. As the home team, India will be battling with 9 different teams across the globe to win and only one will hold the title of champion. With #PlayBold India it is clear that India is ready to repeat the history and lift the trophy.

You will see fans from all over India and the veteran music director Vishal Dadlani shouting out loud #PlayBold India.

Watch The Anthem Here:

(Video Courtesy: Royal Challenge Sports Drink)

Can you feel that zeal, that energy, that excitement? This is India and Cricket is not just a game for us. Our team is not just a team, they all are role models and this trophy is not just another win but our pride and we are ready to support our team with all of our enthusiasm. We bleed blue, we skip our heartbeat during the game, we pray, we shout, we love cricket and our cricketers. This is India, rolling with the thrilling sensation and shouting out only one thing: “Tu #PlayBold Mera India”.

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10 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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