This Comedian’s Obsession With Criminals Is Hilarious AF!

One of Netflix’s wonders, Narcos is gaining huge popularity all across the world. Many claim themselves of being a big fan of the show and definitely of Pablo Escobar who was a successful criminal in his time and was the world’s seventh richest man when Police caught him. Almost all criminals have a fascinating storyline attached to them, be it their past or their present, there’s just something about these criminals that attracts people into having a sneak-peak into their lives.

Sourav Ghosh is one such comedian who is borderline obsessed with criminals and their craft. In his new stand-up video, the comedian talks about how punishments for children and terrorists should be interchanged in order to get maximum results. He also discusses his hometown criminal, Stone Man’s story which, quite frankly, is the best from the lot.

If just like Sourav Ghosh, you also admire the dedication that criminals have, then this definitely is a must-watch for all of you.

Criminals: Sourav Ghosh: Watch The Video Here:

(Video Source: Sourav Ghosh)

The best part is the end where some of the deadliest criminals were shown with Bollywood’s utterly romantic numbers.

17th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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