Nobody has found the answer to one simple question till now – Why the hell Indian society wants everyone to get married? Our parents, relatives, even some of our friends are literally obsessed with the idea of marriage and God forbid if you cross the age of 28, they make it their sole life goal to find the perfect match for you soon as possible. And that’s where the matrimonial sites search come into the play.

Although, all of it sounds terrible but, stand-up comedian Vinay Sharma, has made it a hilarious laugh ride in his new video. We bet from the moment this guy starts, you will not sit quietly because his explanation of the toil of being unmarried and searching for a right partner on matrimonial sites is so epic that you will be convulsed with laughter.

‘Beta Shaadi Kar Lo’: Watch The Full Video Here:

Vinay Sharma’s twisted jokes and witty expressions made us hoot with laughter. Although, there are many comedians who have picked the same topic but no one can compete with the “Balls of Steel” punch.

Dear all, who are obsessed with the idea of marriage, please for humanity’s sake do not ever put stupid shit in your matrimonial profile. Seriously!

10 August 2017
Avni S. Singh


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