Are You From North-East? No, yes, doesn’t make a difference because if you are, you probably have listened all the possible crap that people could say to you and if you are not, then you really need to throw all that hogwash opinion you have about the people of North-East. Why? Because this discrimination has to stop and if you are looking for reasons then here is the perfect video of standup comedian Abhineet Mishra, which will feed some sense to your brain.

We may accept it or not but people who literally bawl that they are against discrimination and treat everyone equal, shut their minds when it comes to North Eastern people and Abhineet has smartly raised the much-needed issue. Blending a serious issue with his wit and funny punches, this comedian has given us food for thought.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Mishra’s humor has thrashed all the stereotypes and cleverly put a thought that it needs to stop because they are Indians and we are creating division in diversity.

9 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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