This Comedian Perfectly Sums Up All The Hurdles Of Single Guys Hunting For A House!

A lot of us are aware of the fact, when you move to a new city the biggest hurdle is to hunt a house on rent to live in. No dear, married men we aren’t talking about you, we are here discuss the dilemma a single guy faces. Every time when a single guy wants to rent a house of his comfort, he gets interrogated as if he is a criminal. No Kidding, if you are single who has left his city and shifted to a new one to earn more moolah, you can easily relate to it.

The questions asked by the owner of the place sound almost like accusations, because the image of a “Single Guy” is so damn unsuitable. Now if you have already established an emotional connection with the topic then here is Jaspreet Singh’s new stand-up video which will not only give your mind a peace of comfort because you will realize that you are not alone in this mess, but the comedian will also make you laugh over the silliness of people who could never understand that “No matter how hard they try to get rid of you, someone will eventually give up and allow you to rent his/her house, besides the fact that you are Single”.

Ghar Ki Talaash | Jaspreet Singh Stand-Up Comedy:

Jaspreet Singh (Stand-up Comedian), not only plays with words but also amuses his audience with his distinctively witty expressions. The content in his video seems so realistic that you would connect with every incident and even if you can’t you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself from laughing your heart out.

We are looking for more of such videos. Kudos! Jaspreet Singh!

3 July 2017
Avni S. Singh


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