This Comedian Nailed Cockroaches and Humans Anatomy In A Hilariously Creepy Way!

Who on earth doesn’t hate cockroaches? Well, except for the creepy human bag in Men In Black, I would like to believe everyone and why not? They are creepy as hell and yet they have so many powers that it makes us believe that GOD has been partial to every other creature while making them. Now Vaibhav Sethia who is one hell of a stand-up comedian shares the same sentiments about these sickening creatures and his explanation of hating cockroaches is gonna put you on a laughter ride.

In this video, Vaibhav Sethia has also covered a small description of God’s complexed creativity while making human genitals. And we should warn you, as funny as it sounds, it can be true actually and you may end up thinking why would God do such partiality with us. You may wanna sit down before watching this video as you could literally fall while laughing out loud to this one.

Cockroaches and Humans: Watch The Full Video Here:

 (Video Source: VAIBHAV SETHIA)

Sethia’s funny content actually makes sense and it is funny as hell undoubtedly. There are very few comedians who can actually make us laugh this loud, so Kudos Vaibhav, you have done your job well and we are certainly waiting for your next video.

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