This Comedian Has Some Hilarious Observations On ‘People At Aartis’

We all know how traditional aartis work. There’s this gathering where people come to collectively pray to God and ask for whatever they don’t already have in their lives. Quite a way to come together, however, as religious as this gathering is, there are some really funny incidents in these places.

Deep Chabbria’s new video is downright hilarious and comes out to be very relatable for all those who have ever attended an aarti. There are certain characters that one can always spot at an aarti and Chabbria did an excellent job in identifying and naming them. I mean, who hasn’t seen a person who wants to pray yet does not make an extra effort for it. Plus, getting cash change from the Thali is not always good, you know who you are, please understand.

Another amazing thing about the set was the relatability with the whole Mandir Ki Ghanti thing, was bang on. One just can’t deny the real excitement a child has with all the power of Ghanti in his hand.

Check out the video Here:

12th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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