This Comedian And His Struggles With Marriage-Oriented Parents, Is Just Downright Relatable!

This won’t come as a surprise to you when I say that Indian society is just obsessed with the idea of getting their kids, married. At times, I do wonder if the only priority of your parents, as soon as you turn 24, is to get you married. Be it a guy or a girl, everyone in our society has to go through this trauma, which is Well-planned and well-executed by our parents.

Vikramjit Singh’s new video is out, in which he talks about the toil of being unmarried in India and all the hidden, yet apparent, sexism that is attached to it. As Singh says, he’s at a very weird age in his life, where people who are younger than him are enjoying their lives while doing some absolutely stupid shit, like inventing a new language, and people older than him, are judging him for not getting married.

While the video is absolutely hilarious, it’s the charm of twisted jokes that takes it on a whole new level, only those with a very clear mind can get them, or maybe everyone. There’s one more interesting thing about the video, and that is the high level of relatability with which it moves on.

Age and Marriage: Watch The Video Here:

source: Vikramjit Singh

Told you, Right? The video is really funny, and who’s also irritated with the weird language that these 13 year-olds come out with every new week. I mean seriously, what is Cray-Cray? And Friyay

5th June 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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