This 2016 Mashup On Closer’s Audio Will Make Your Tuesday The Happiest!

In 2016 the west has given us many songs and most of them were so amazing that we can’t really decide which one of these songs are the best. And it looks like we aren’t the only one who are confused, Jake Donaldson and his friend Raina had the same confusion but they found a way to include all the greatest hits of 2016 and it’s simply Mind Blowing.

They have made a mashup starting with The Chainsmokers’ Closer, but as soon as the first beat gets over, they take you by a surprise as the music of Closer continues but lyrics keep changing that consist of various songs including Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For, Drake’s – One Dance, Maroon 5’s – Don’t Wanna Know, Charlie Puth’s – We Don’t Talk Anymore, Adele’s – Hello and many other greatest hits of 2016.

2016 Mashup – SING OFF: Watch Full Video Here:

(Video Source: Jake Donaldson)

Isn’t it the best mashup of 2016? Well, we bet you agree. This mashup has a musical soul of every song that ruled in 2016 and we bet that you can’t get this one out of your head.

Keep Playing It On Loop, After All, Tuesdays Can Be Tiring!

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