Isn’t life so uncomplicated with internet in our hands? We mean there isn’t anything that you possibly can’t do with it literally, and we can’t refrain from the fact that the vast world of the internet keeps us entertained. But, have you ever thought 30 years back from now, how bland life was? You can’t, at least people who are born after 90 can’t.

The treacherous dilemma to get even a drop of leisure and enjoyment was simply burdensome. The new stand-up video of Manish k Tyagi aka The Knotty commander will take you back to those grinding days only to make you laugh as his memories are laced with impeccable humor. In between comic session with his audience, he managed to recreate the amusing moments from his teenage and they are downright hilarious.

Humare Zamane Main Kya Hota Tha?: By Manish K Tyagi.

The inter-comical-connection of his out of luck fate can crack you up in laughter in no time. His precise technique and timing make a simple incident as funny as a barrel of monkeys.

After listening to his struggles we can’t thank enough our stars for being born in an era that has internet.

You rock Manish K Tyagi!

Avni S. Singh

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