Sunny Leone Held Her Chin High While Reading These Mean Tweets Sometimes Before

Sunny Leone is currently talk of the town because of her interrogating interview but it was not the first time she has faced the hatred. As much as people love to see her and google her in India, they also jolt their mean and cheap taunts on her. Thanks to the social media, everyone has a modus operandi to express their emotions and frustration on various social media platforms and Sunny has been humiliated before.

Yes! Apparently she was getting some cheap and disgusting questions on a platform, where anyone can sum up their anguishes in 140 characters or less and she decided to reply some of the questions and shared it with the world.

Watch Sunny Leone Answering The Mean Tweets Here:

Did you see that? She is the coolest person to answer such ridiculous tweets in the cutest way possible. No, wonder she survived the interview with such confidence. No one could have done it better than Sunny Leone.

Way To Go Sunny!!!!

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22 Jan 2016
Avni S. Singh

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