Sundeep Sharma Hilariously Explained The Struggles Of Being 37 In India

Sundeep Sharma has a fine take on basically everything that one has to face when he’s single and 37 in our country.

Whoever said age is just a number has never come across India’s society which basically pushes you to be of a certain kind at a certain age in a certain time and no matter how much we want to cover this up, this is true.

Comedian Sundeep Sharma is out with his new video where he hilariously explains the struggles of being a bachelor in India, especially in Mumbai. The city of dreams, which apparently can also be called the hub of bachelors, is no different than your average city in the country. Everyone judges, everyone cribs, and everyone is ready to make assumptions. However, there are certain things that are also heartbreaking for bachelors and seeing other men of their same age doing excellent in health and fitness matters, is one of them.
No matter where you live, there are some incredibly fit people who are basically under the limelight every now and then, one of those is Milind Soman. One of India’s gem who has basically shattered all the norms of being a 50 year old and I personally don’t know about the guys, but I’m loving it.

Watch the Video Here:

It was funny, right? Plus, if you live in Mumbai then you’ll totally relate to the struggle of consuming an unidentified number of Curry-Patta in your food, which is irritating at times.

6th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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