Success Is A Holy Catastrophe: This Girl Explains How Hard It Is To Be A Smart, Ambitious Woman!

The world is driven by the concept of women empowerment, look at any social media platform, girls and guys who think they are feminist (But actually are pseudo feminists) have flooded quotes, short letters, articles, memes and status on their profile and they think that’s gonna get women ‘equal rights’. But our so called socially civil activists does not actualize that being an intelligent woman with strong opinions who demands equal rights as well power, is just like casting pearls before swine as the men’s world has EGO, Arrogance, Manhood and some other baseless things which they think keeps them just a level up in this gender rivalry. 

This spoken word poet Diksha Bijlani has recited the dilemma of a woman who is attacked every now and then just because she is a girl with a strong mind and distinctive opinions that clash with an inflated male ego. Titled as ‘Reflections On Being Smart, Ambitious And Woman’, her poetry will leave you speechless as it discusses that how most of the woman just underplay their achievements to suffice the MANHOOD of the people we love and care. The powerful words will hit you right where it’s needed.

Watch The Video Here:

(Video Courtesy: Kommune India)

I am a woman and no, I am not saying that men don’t want woman to be powerful  or can’t stand a strong woman but when it comes to them vs a strong headed woman who speaks her mind or knows how to lead a life independently, almost everyone of them try to defeat her in the journey of achieving her dreams and that’s what dishearten me.

P.S. A strong woman can lead a happy life and can actually make yours better too. instead of competing, start supporting, it might change your world upside down and those who are already doing it- KUDOS GUYS!

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25 January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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