India, the land where we preach goddesses and rape them ferociously. Also, the land of goddesses where no women are safe, at any time, at any place, at any age and in any kind of clothes.

This is the truth that all have somehow settled to live by, after all, that’s the preached truth in this world.

But when the news of an eight-month-old baby girl being raped, came out, the world was stunned. More than that, women were stunned because of how obnoxious the very thought it is. This particular rape incident cultivated the thought of not being safe at any age and place, in women and men, alike. Because that is exactly anyone can learn from an incident like this one.

This particular case completely shredded the ‘she wore not-appropriate clothes’ or ‘was at a wrong place, at wrong time’ argument into pieces. Something that one makes way into any and every rape discussion that happens in this country.

We are fed up. Fed up from living under a constant fear of not being safe, for ourselves, for our friends, for our families and now, for even our eight-months-old daughters.

Much like you and us, there’s RJ Naved, a popular Radio Jockey from Delhi known for his social experiments and his interesting ways of putting across facts from the narrow alleyways of our society and its thinking. He has done various interesting and moving social experiments in the past, however, his recent one would make you truly weep in disgust.

In his recent experiment, RJ Naved called up a gynecologist and told her that his wife is pregnant with a baby girl and they want to abort the child. The doctor is furious on the offer and started castigating him on the very thought of doing something like this. She asks him why does he want to do so because he wants a son?

To this, Naved replied, “ladka nahi ladki hi chahiye thi. Lekin rape ho jaega iska”.

These simple lines can break anyone’s soul into million pieces, not just because getting raped is far worse than even being alive, but because no parent would want their child to live under the constant fear of anything. Rape is that very thing, sadly a girl has to live under the fear of being raped, long before she can even understand this particular word.

Check out the video over here:

There are people out on streets burning an entire city down just to save the honour of a fictional queen, but the same just can’t be said on issues regarding the women of our country. Maybe it’s time when we stop thinking about our queens and goddesses from the past and actually start thinking about our own daughters and friends and family members, and our women.

Jyotsna Amla

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