Poonam Pandey is not a new name who loves to top the headlines by doing something unusual then others. Well, it’s Christmas and how can she miss the opportunity to play a sexy Santa. The Bollywood hottie shared a video on Youtube, where she is playing the naughty and sultry Santa.

Poonam Pandey is ranking on top in the social media, with her revealing video of “Jingle Boobs”, Yes! You read it right. She launched her video “Poonam Pandey’s Jingle Boobs!!!” and she is going totally boobilicious for her fans in the video. Well, she suggested to celebrate this Christmas in her style, which is sizzling hot, but somebody tell her that not everyone wants to reveal their assets in the chilling winters.

Watch “Poonam Pandey’s Jingle Boobs”!!! Video Here:

The ‘Nasha‘ fame actress has surely brought some relief for the boys in these freezing winters and her “Kiss-Mas” in the end of the video will drive her fans crazy. Earlier she also shared some pics as a teaser for this video and we guess she made this festive season special at least for her fans. Ohh!! Naughty Naughty You!!

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24 Dec 2015
Avni S. Singh

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