We all are too aware of the fact that women are considered to be a secondary gender in this world, where they should be protected and guarded in their own world. The men and at times women try to make a wall around a female’s life which is constantly curtailing their freedom to do or be something.

This short film, “Pinjra”, showcases a woman’s life through various different angles, while they are different women, their lives and problems are too similar to identify with each other. The film, with a pleasing colour theme, is accompanied by a poetic interpretation of the film’s title along with Naseeruddin Shah’s vocally strong narration.

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( Video Courtesy: LargeShortFilms )

“Pinjra” exhibits the strong and brave hearts and minds of the women in our society and their power to overcome the heartbreaking trials. Depriving someone of making choices and decisions about their own lives is the most degrading and distasteful thing that one can do to someone else.

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23 January 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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