Every 90s’ kid remembers how undistruptly awesome their childhood was. Teaming up with other kids in the evening to play, fighting over silly things such as who’s whose best friend, lying to parents and believing that they have been fooled or getting goosebumps at a glance of that sweet innocent crush. All of it was amazing and so is the new stand-up video of Parvinder Singh – Papa Ki Brandy And Gully Cricket. The standup comedian certainly had the most vivid childhood as he has illustrated most of the relatable things in just 9 minutes of his video and it will give you the sweet tears of joy.

Papa Ki Brandy And Gully Cricket by Parvinder Singh will make you cry laugh and at some point, you will be bound to think that adulthood has ruined all the fun. The regular joke style of Parvinder captivates the audience and make them feel everything at once. It’s a ride to a hilarious and mad memory lane that you will love to visit over and over again.

Watch Full Video Here:

Parvinder Singh’s childhood stories are better than anyone in the game and you are definitely going to crack a laugh at it. It’s funny, crisp and hard-hitting. If at any point your mind says “Kya Matlab?”, make sure you tell it, – “DIL PE HAATH RAKH KE BOL TERE SAMAJH NAHI AAYA”.

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