Quoting the lines of Comedian Nishant Tanwar- ” If you haven’t yet attended a wedding in Delhi, you haven’t attended a wedding at all”. That’s how prodigally wacky these weddings are. From glamour traditions to eye-blinding decorations, a hundred different delicacies to devour, relatives running around like they are participating in a marathon, mid-aged ladies gossiping like there is no tomorrow and friends who are there for plainly free food and liquor.

A drama that switches a matrimonial ceremony into a full swing zippy-crazy parade. Huff! There must be nothing you cannot find in a Delhi wedding. Comedian Nishant Tanwar is here with his new video and he managed to conjure up all the insanity that makes a Delhi wedding a must-attend no-brainer gala.

Starting from foreigners’ desire to attend a wedding in Delhi, following with the friends and their alter alcohol-drenched personality, moving on to the kinetics of old people, the video goes on to laugh about filthy rich aunties who have only one agenda in their mind “to show off”, dancing beauties and what not. 

Tanwar has summed it all in a funny streak so amusing that you will be hooked till the last frame of the video.

Watch The Full Video Here:

Feel the need to attend a wedding in Delhi? The wedding season is on, ask a friend for a plus one and watch this one again. It will make more sense and bust a gut.

5 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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