Nazar Battu: This Open Letter From Dalveer & Satbeer To Terrorists Speaks Mind Of Every Patriotic Indian!

Nazar Battu guys have already created a buzz with their latest anthem. The Delhi-based comedians Dalveer & Satbeer are back with another video and this one speaks for every Indian who is just tired of watching people take our tolerance and patience as a nation for granted. The recent attacks and the death of our soldiers have ignited the fire in the hearts of our nation and Dalveer and Satbeer have the best message for all the terrorists out there. ( Though it includes abusive words but they deserve it )

The Nazar Battu Guys have not only targeted the terrorists but also some celebrities who have spoken against India or in the favour of these attacks. Be it, Barkha Dutt, be it, Om Puri, these guys have spoken fearlessly, they even mocked Salman Khan for his comments on Pakistani Artists. They have proved that humour is something that can be blended with a serious topic and you can make the world understand a complicated thing in the most simple manner.

Watch The Open Letter From Dalveer & Satbeer Here:

Don’t you think what they said is right? Every word they spoke is the voice of every Indian who is just angry over those militants who kill our brave soldiers. Let the world know that we Indians are not going to take a step back whether it is somebody from a different country or it’s one of our own.

Dalveer and Satbeer, You Guys Nailed It!!

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6 Oct 2016
Avni S. Singh

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