B.E.D., A.N.T. & 10-90%

Before you accumulate demented thoughts regarding the abbreviations sketched above, slow down your musings. These are the key highlights of some life lessons recently cited by Naval Commander turned stand-up comedian Manish Tyagi.

Life, as you know, is a collection of various stages. The moment we step into teenage, people force the calculated, favorable assumptions on you and before you can understand the hymn of your heart, reality kicks in and you find yourself among other fishes of the same pond, struggling to achieve what everyone desires – Approval.

However, a meek voice in your head keeps telling you to follow your heart. Often the fear of judgment takes over that passion and people feel helpless or rather choose to feel helpless instead of following their passion. This is the story of majority of people who despite being born with courage opt to bury it under the pressure of pre-decided notions of society.

How you can overcome that fear and why you should choose to follow your passion irrespective of struggles and hardships? This is what Manish Tyagi’s life lessons are all about.

Life Lessons From The Knotty Commander: Watch Full Video Here:

Now you get what does B.E.D., A.N.T. & 10-90% signify? The change you strive for, cannot be brought by someone else. It’s a revolution that begins within and Manish Tyagi nailed it with his profound words.

Major Inspiration!

14 December 2017
Avni S. Singh

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