There is no Indian kid who hasn’t felt awkward at least once in his life. We can’t help it, the bond between parents and their kid has always been a tricky business. This comedian explains a story of one such kid who was the target of his parent’s soundless sanctions and got all sorts of their version of hell. Parvinder Singh who had cracked some of the best jokes in Laughter Challenge is back with a new stand-up video and you can completely connect and laugh with everything he says.

Apparently, our childhood selves always said at some point “Maine Karna Hai Yeh”, however, Parvinder actually did some of the mischievous stuff which he elaborates in this laugh ride. The content of his first video is fresh and raw and every bit of it will remind you of your childhood. Remember any sensual movie scene or a perfume ad that might have created a silent awkward situation because you were sitting with your parents? Well, get ready to hear a hilarious bit even of it and we insist that you wait until the end as the climax is the cherry on the top.

Stand-up comedy is literally rising faster than ever in Indian with so much of humorous content around it isn’t easy to keep laughing yet Parvinder Singh’s innocent chronicles of childhood let you take a stroll back in your past and laugh your heart out.

Maine Karna Hai Yeh: Parvinder Singh:

We hope it has a second part as we can’t wait for it. One more thing – We are not buying a laal hit ever again.

Avni S. Singh

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