Have you ever thought why Punjabis love Canada so much? As the matter of fact you have better chances of finding Punjabis in Canada than South India(pun intended). You don’t need to scratch your head to find the answer to this and many other stereotype riddles about Punjabis as Parvinder Singh’s latest stand up bit clears all of it for you. Right from the obsession of going abroad to getting a green card this bit has all the intel you need to understand a typical Punjabi. As the master of jokes strikes his comic wand you don’t only get entertained but will feel the laughing nerve cracking down a bit.

Parvinder Singh effortlessly manages to make his content refreshing as he includes some other elements. His hilarious take on Visa Application makes us believe that even the most realistic situations can provide you a good laugh.

Parvinder Singh’s London Thumakda is raw, real and exceptionally relatable. You can almost feel that he is talking about intense situations and yet he makes it enjoyable. You may have not laughed when you find yourself in these situations in life but you will surely laugh with him while watching this new stand up bit.

London Thumakda: Stand Up Comedy by Parvinder Singh: Watch The Full Video Here:

Every guy wishes that a beautiful women should come and sit beside her while travelling on air, next time be prepared to what to say and for god’s sake take some inspiration and do not buy a Book that you will be ashamed of.

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