A combo of Kangana Ranaut and All India Bakchod is something that no one should miss out on, and this has now been proven by their “The Bollywood Diva Song”.

Kangana Ranaut these days is the bait of every news item that you can see, and a lot of it can be attributed to her, about-to-release Simran. And, this new collaboration is another hint at an interesting promotion for her movie.

The people on the Internet love Kangana and AIB, which is why this combo was something that we’re expecting from a very long time. But, alas, it’s finally here and it seems that they have nailed every brick in the walls of conventional Bollywood. Through the medium of a Chittiyan Kallaiyan parody, these two parties have gone on to take a jibe on every inch of the concepts of Bollywood and their ways of getting things done.

The fact that Bollywood is slowly and steadily changing, is correct, however, a large part of it is still dunked in the mud, and no one is even trying of getting out of it because this dirt is selling. Most of the big star or big director movies, still have a woman in their movie for a love interest angle and nothing more. Bollywood is still objectifying women, making them look like a Diva for asking more and still giving in on a shitty script with an item number which is not at all needed.

Watch The Video Here:

( source: All India Bakchod )

Along with taking a jibe at Bollywood, it also takes a point towards issues relating to Kangana’s personal life. Which includes the question that everyone has on their mind, “How did she have the guts to say this” and everything else.

12th September 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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