Ever since students of JNU were arrested over fake charges of sedition in 2016, the institution has managed to stay in controversy. Politically aware students taking a stand over what they feel is right, has been a subject to dismissals and debate between politicians and news anchors.

But whether you love it or you hate it, you simply cannot ignore JNU. It is an institution different from other governmental institutions across fields. It is this uniqueness that the comedian Garv Malik tries to explore in his third stand-up clip. He talks about his experience inside JNU as an outsider, and how the university has managed to do what the country could not: Beat Inflation.

JNU & Tinder | Standup Comedy by Garv Malik : Watch the video over here:

When you combine the most unfamiliar place with the most common millennial experience, you are surely getting comedy. Which is what happens when he talks about Tinder, and how it bonds (read Bondage) his relationship, and eventually imprisons him in the depth of love. (No pun intended.)

The turn of events is as unexpected as the demands of a long-term relationship, and eventually has a mildly happy ending.

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