Shopping with women for guys has always been a matter of utmost difficulty, yet stand-up comedian, Jaspreet Singh has mastered this art. His funny take on shopping with his wife, and keen observation of how women clothes are in entirely different from men, bring uninterrupted laughter ride. The best part of Jaspreet Singh’s comedy is that it is not full of sexist puns or sexual innuendos, it’s clean, cool and definitely a jetpack joyride.
This bit will not only make you laugh your heart out as it has all the information you need to understand about women clothing. Jaspreet Singh has explained why it is simple for men to shop and how it’s correlated to the lesser respect they get while shopping. His explanation will blow your mind off and you might want to connect with him personally to ask for some suggestions on Shopping with the wife or a woman. This video is for everyone who ever experienced that shopping with women is a hassle.

Jaspreet Singh:  Shopping with Wife:

Isn’t he amazing? From the content to his expression, everything makes you laugh hard. His style of comedy is simple and direct which makes the mockery of the most common things in life, yet he manages to tickle your funny bones with every word that comes out of his mouth.

It’s a treat to watch this guy and if you haven’t yet grabbed a seat in his live shows, look out at the end of the show and book your ticket to the funniest ride ever.

Avni S. Singh

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