“I’m An Indian”: Akshay Kumar’s Salute To The Unsung Heroes Of India

Akshay Kumar is one of the actors who doesn’t only like to be featured in Patriotic films but also has a powerful affection towards such projects. From “Baby” to “Holiday” to “Gabbar” and now “Airlift”, Akshay Kumar’s characters in such films have always been a strong patriotic Indian. He has now come up with an amazing new video “I’m an Indian” and it’s Akshay Kumar’s style to pay a tribute to the unsung Heroes of India.

“I’m an Indian” explains that how commenting on a status update or liking a picture does not make us a patriotic person. Akshay talks about how we need to stop being an armchair patriot. He also talks about those unheard Indian scientists, soldiers, social workers and policemen, who work really hard for India’s development and saved precious lives of many people. His speech is just spell bounding.

Watch “I’m an Indian” Full Video Here:

The video is released by Culture Machine’s Being Indian and salutes the efforts of our country’s unsung heroes for their significant contribution. Akshay’s next movie “Airlift” is based on one such event from the history where few brave Indian heroes pulled off the biggest human evacuation in history ever.

Akshay Kumar requests fellow Indians to stand up for India and be the change they wish to see in India, through this video.

I don’t know you but I want to say KUDOS!

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20 Jan 2016
Avni S. Singh

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