Chai can easily be considered the official drink of India, all thanks to millions of people constantly drinking it, for the taste, thrill, and experience of it. In fact, all of us know about plenty of people that can easily be categorised as Chai maniacs due to their undying love for the drink. They need it in bed, at breakfast, thrice or even four times in the day and then simply one cup to end the day on a good note. Yes, we do know about such maniacs.

But then we don’t mind what they do with their life and their drink choice, however, there’s one thing that we all hate about Chai Lovers and that’s their persistence to make others like them.

It almost seems as if these Chai Lovers are on a mission to make the world a chai loving place where everyone does nothing but consumes tons of chai. And in order to support their cause, they make some of the dumbest, controversial and mindless things.

Appurv Gupta for one has it all which is why he’s here with a brand new comedy set on chai and chai lovers. He offers some of the hilarious insights on the entire phenomenon of liking chai and it will make you laugh your guts out.

Check out the video over here:

GuptaJi also aims at one of the holy grails of chai lover, ‘Chai-Sutta combo’ and you can’t stop laughing on it, because let’s be honest, Chai-Sutta combo is indeed a combo of acidity and cancer.

Jyotsna Amla

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