How many times have you visited a fine-dining restaurant and failed miserably in the art of accepting it in all of its true shapes and forms? There are so many people who would any day supplant a Dhaba dish for one of those pretentious ones from a fine dining restaurant that serves nothing but fallacy on plates in terms of quantity and sadly, even in quality for some places.

One comedian has decided to disclose all this and much more in his new stand-up comedy video on Fine Dining Restaurant.

Gaurav Gupta describes some really funny and 100% real incidents of his life in the ‘so-called’ fine dining restaurants. From the time he ordered Fortella Pourse Gureti and instantly regretted it, to the time he ate the leftover apples from his girlfriend’s sangria, there’s so much that you can laugh on over here.

Plus, for some reason we all can immediately picture ourselves going through situations like these because let’s be real, we all have been played by these fine dining restaurants, more than once in our life. And, it hurts, it truly hurts.

Gaurav Gupta: Fine Dining Restaurant: Watch The Video Over Here:

Isn’t it hilarious and absolutely relatable?

Jyotsna Amla

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