New “Game Of Thrones” Teaser Would Give You All Kind of Feels

All you “Game Of Thrones” fans, come on wake up, there something big and amazing coming your way and that is the release date as well as the teaser of “Game Of Thrones season 7”. The show would be releasing on 16th July 2017, which was announced through a Facebook live event, where the audience had to wait for some 20 minutes in order to find the date.

The teaser of season 7 was also released online and even though it does not feature any actual footage from the show, the teaser does have sigils of major houses that are crumbling to ashes. There are also many popular and influential dialogues from the previous season which goes on in the background.

Watch The Teaser Here:

(Source: GameofThrones)

There are also some more things about the new season of “Game Of Thrones” which might not cohere well with the fans. This season of the show would have seven feature episodes than the usual 10, which is too depressing to take in. The show’s arrival is also late from its usual time, which happens to be in the month of April, every year.

Apart from “Game Of Thrones”, the HBO is also exploring ideas for launching the prequel of the show which would be based on the world, already created by George R. R. Martin.

“Game Of Thrones” is one of the most amazing and epic television series ever created and its popularity is solid proof of the above said. From having 692 award nominations to 257 actual award winnings, “Game Of Thrones” is every fantasy nerd’s dreamland. Apart from this huge award listings, the show also holds two World records from the Guinness Book of World Record: Largest TV drama simulcast and Most pirated TV program.

10th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla