Do You Know What Is Destroying Your Creativity? This Video Is An Eye Opener!

Ever since we open our eyes in the world, we are being told, what to do and what not to do. We are constantly fed with the already existing criteria of how to live our life and the saddest part is that our society never stops. It keeps telling us which path we should follow, first at playschool, then at school and then at work. We have been told to work as hard as possible and the dilemma is that regardless of being born differently we all are instructed to follow the same path.

This Short Film, Alike, made by animators Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez is an eye opener that how our life and minds are stuck in an endless cycle of following the same path blindly. This short film will encourage you to forget everything and follow your heart. Everyone is born different and they should lead a life as they want. This 7-minute Film is a lesson that, don’t let the society drown out your creativity by the daily grind.

Alike: Watch The Full Movie Here:

(Video Source: Pepe School Land)

This short film sends out a strong message to all the parent as well, they need to let go of the fear of society and let their kids forge their own journeys. This film surely hits right parts of the brain and forces us to think – Are We Living The Life We Really Want To Or Just Following Others Footsteps?

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