Last week, one particular video blew up on the Indian social media, and I for one was too happy about it, considering it was not another mindless videos about someone trying their hand on cringe-pop or anything of that sort. It was, in fact, a video of an Indian uncle dancing at a wedding on Govinda’s ‘Aap Ke Aa Jane Se’.

That one particular video can brighten up anyone’s day because one can see how much fun the man is experiencing while dancing his heart out. Soon the video was everywhere and they wanted to know more about the man.

Adhering to the demand, news portals jumped right on the opportunity and somehow got hold of the man doing all those slick Govinda dance moves. Upon meeting and investigation, it was found out that the dancing uncle, Sanjeev Shrivastava, was actually an electronics professor in an Engineering college from Madhya Pradesh. He always loved dancing and spent his youth mastering in it. He won dozens of dancing tournaments in his city in the 80s and 90s, but then eventually became a Shaadi and bedroom dancer who enjoys his free time dancing.

Now that he has turned into a social media star, Sanjeev Shrivastava is releasing more and more of his dance routines on the Internet and every one of them is great in its own way.

Not just the Indian social media, even the celebrities can’t stop fangirling and fanboying about this dancing uncle. Some of the biggest stars from the industry came forward to show appreciation for the man.

Even Sanjeev Shrivastava’s dancing idol, Govinda, shared his views on the dancing uncle. In a conversation with The Indian Express, Govinda said, “I finally saw the videos. I saw how he was dancing and I really liked what he was doing. I have come to know that he is a professor and his name in Sanjeev Shrivastava. The way he has copied my steps, he has done it so well. He is so much into it. More than half a dozen heroes have copied my steps, and nobody has done it so well! It felt like he was dancing with all his heart and having fun. And his wife also seemed like she was smiling ‘mann-hi-mann mein’. It was a treat watching them dance like this.”

Not just words of appreciation, dancing uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava has also been appointed as the brand ambassador by Vidisha Municipal Corporation.

Jyotsna Amla

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